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Intel® N5105 4 LAN i211 5G CPE Fanless Network Appliance SD-WAN Security Gateway with TPM

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Product Code: MNHO-096
Customize Intel® N5105 4 LAN i211 5G CPE Fanless Network Appliance SD-WAN Security Gateway with TPM

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Fanless Firewall, Security Gateway Network Appliance
11th Gen. Intel N5105 Quad-Core Processor up to 2.90 GHz
Aluminium Alloy Dustproof Fanless with Heat-pipe Solution
Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0)
HDMI Display, Support 4K HD (Intel UHD Graphics)
RJ45 Console, USB 3.1/USB 2.0 Ports
Support 802.11 AC/AX Wi-Fi Network
Support WWAN 5G/4G LTE Networks with Dual SIM
Support up to 16GB SODIMM DDR4 Memory
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Intel® N5105 4 LAN i211 5G CPE Fanless Network Appliance SD-WAN Security Gateway with TPM



    PICO PC® 4 LAN network appliance powered by the latest 11th Gen. Intel "Jasper Lake" quad-core N5105 processor up to 2.90 GHz with Intel® AES-NI for secure and fast data encryption and decryption. A complete network hub as a VPN, suitable for building firewall/router/security gateway, network-based applications in client/server environments. Best for 5G CPE and SDWAN.  


    Integrated trusted platform module (TPM 2.0) to secure hardware with integrated cryptographic keys and provide security against threats like firmware and ransomware attacks. Aluminium alloy dustproof FANLESS structure with copper heat-pipe cooling solution. Energy-efficient design that reduces environmental impact, works noiseless with fewer moving parts and less maintenance.


    Support wireless networks 802.11 AC/AX Wi-Fi 6 (up to 2.4Gbps) as well as 4G LTE/5G WWAN networks (optional) with dual micro-SIM connectivity. Support up to 16GB SODIMM DDR4 non-ECC memory and dual storage drives including mSATA SSD and 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD. Comprehensive connectivity with multiple ports, including a USB 3.1/USB2.0, HDMI HD display port powered by integrated Intel UHD Graphics and multiple network connections, 4x Intel i211-AT Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet ports (supports network wake-up/PXE) and RJ45 console port for networking and communication tasks.  

    High performance & perfect for VPN, DNS Server, DHCP Server, network bandwidth controller, network servers, LAN or WAN router, firewall and UTM applications to deliver a high throughput, reliable operation and wide array of network applications, network servers, Linux, Unix, Windows 10/11/server, Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE), firewalls (either open-source or commercial) and gateways; pfSense, & OPNsense etc. You can add multiple LAN's or multiple WLAN's to your network, each segmented for maximum security and configurability. It combines a robust industrial-grade performance and the advantages of network security management, can be widely used in virtual private networks, traffic control, network firewalls or other network applications.



    Security Gateway, Firewall Router, Network Appliance

    Intel Celeron® Quad-Core Processor J4125 up to 2.70 GHz

    4x Intel i211-AT Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet Ports (Network wake-up/PXE)

    RJ45 Console (Cisco Standard)

    VGA Display and Dual USB 2.0 Ports

    Support 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and 4G LTE WWAN Networks

    Support up to 16GB SODIMM DDR4 Memory

    Support Dual Storage (mSATA & 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD)

    Intel® AES-NI Data Protection

    Energy Efficient, Low Power Consumption

    Support Windows/Linux/Firewalls etc.

    Can be configured as a Firewall, LAN/WAN Router, VPN, DNS Server, DHCP Server 

    Perfect for Security Gateway, Server, VPN and Firewall such as Sophos, Untangle, Endian, MikroTik etc.



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